Gateway to the valley
 A statue of Buddha watches over the valley at Langza village. The peaks around the village are bare owing to scarcity of rainfall. 
People of Kaza
Peak with a view
Panari Peak
 A village home in Komic
 The village of Komic lives on farming and livestock for its livelihood. At this altitude the only crops that grow are peas and potatoes. Every member of the family takes turns to manage the farms...from weeding, watering to harvesting.
 Clouds sail over the partially drained river bed of the Spiti river. Glacier melt is the key source of river water in the valley, and in places where the glacier melt is strong towards the village of Tabo, the Spiti river flows in full force. 
Village in the valley
 Village boys run down the steps of a monastery in Demul village
 A view of Demul village
 A peek into a typical Spitian home, with its mud floor, white washed walls and a narrow stairway that leads to the terrace area. 
 Gatuk and his friend return from school in the evening and keep each other company in an empty house. The kids wander around the village by themselves, playing in the mud, chasing goat till the respective parents return from the fields much later. The homes are seldom locked as the villagers head out to work in the fields or graze their sheep. 
 Young Gatuk, 6 years old, pores over his homework in the family room as he waits for his mother to prepare his breakfast. Almost all Spitian villages have a primary school where the children get a meal during the day. They learn Math, Science along with English and Hindi. The older kids have to head to Kaza, the valley headquarters, for higher studies in a boarding school. 
Kee Gompa
 A prayer corner at the top of Panari peak
 Kee Gompa architecture details
 Young lamas at the Kee Gompa take a break from their studies to relax. Among families who follow Buddhism in the valley, the younger sons of the family can be chosen to become lamas and stay at monasteries for training. The decision is voluntary though. 
 Two young lamas pose for a picture in the hallway of Kee Gompa. 
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